nDenoise - Intelligent Noise Attenuation

nDenoise preserves your data while adaptively removing noise, leaving the clear signal you need for interpretation and further processing.

Working from pre-stack, post-stack and even 4D data, nDenoise can effectively attenuate a wide variety of noises, including:

  • Multiples
  • Swell noise, ground roll, shot-generated noise
  • Migration and other processing artifacts

nDenoise is based on an iterative Wavelet-Packet Best Basis coherent noise attenuation method. This unique patented GeoEnergy tool goes far beyond traditional or wavelet transform methods to provide the industry’s best separation of noise and data.


Complete coherent noise attenuated seismic data. Fully integrated with all time processing either prior to 3D binning, before prestack migration or after migration.

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Removal of apex-shifted multiples

Original data on left contained apex-shifted multiples.
After nDenoise was applied (center panel), the multiples were removed.
The right panel shows the difference between the original and denoised data.