Since its founding in 1998, GeoEnergy has brought its broad range of expertise in mathematics and geosciences to bear on the toughest problems in seismic data processing. Originally specializing in seismic data compression, the company has grown to include all aspects of seismic data processing in its portfolio of services.

Research and Development

Partnering with renowned researchers such as Dr. Ronald Coifman, Dr. Gregory Beylkin, Dr. Vladimir Rokhlin, and others has allowed GeoEnergy to translate leading-edge theory into advanced technology for real-world seismic exploration. Our active R&D programs are continually pushing the state of the art (see Publications).

Facilities and Computational Capacity

GeoEnergy's main office in west Houston houses its data center, with dedicated power and cooling that can scale with computational capacity. The computational cluster utilizes the latest CPU technology from Intel and AMD, as well as large capacity redundant disk arrays, and has the capability to process 3D land or marine seismic surveys covering hundreds of square miles.


GeoEnergy's clients range from small independents to supermajors, with projects located worldwide. Our list of customers includes:

Norsk Hydro
BHP Billiton
Anadarko Petroleum
Apache Corporation
Hess Corporation
Escavar Energy
Pioneer Natural Resources
Kosmos Energy
Newfield Exploration
Samson Resources
Escavar Energy
Provident Energy
Addax Petroleum