SpecB™ - Robust Frequency Enhancement

SpecB sophisticated algorithms broaden the spectrum of your seismic data while leaving amplitudes intact, giving you a clear advantage in interpretation.

SpecB can:

  • Reveal small-scale faults
  • Provide high-resolution data consistent with well log synthetics
  • Improve resolution of acoustic impedance inversion

The spectrum broadening technology utilizes the information of the low to medium frequencies, and employs it to estimate the amplitude of the high frequencies. The method is effective up to the Nyquist frequency in 2D and 3D, and does not use well-log information. The SpecB™ technology does generate only geologically meaningful results tied to well synthetics.


Complete 3D seismic volumes with spectrum broadened data at twice the original sampling rate.

Printable Documentation

Left panel shows the original data.
In the right panel, nDenoise was used to remove noise first, followed by SpecB which effectively increases the bandwidth.