SAFE - Spectral Adaptive Feature Extraction

Separate your seismic data into spectrally coherent 3-D volumes with SAFE and find regions that are spectrally similar to known hydrocarbon locations.

SAFE benefits exploration and development/production by

  • identifying only 3-D features with similar frequency spectra to known reservoirs.
  • scanning very large 3-D volumes for potential reservoirs and significantly reducing the cycle time of seismic interpretation.
  • generating a small number of 3-D feature volumes useful for reservoir identification.

SAFE uses both Wavelet Packets Analysis (WPA) to locate spatial features in the seismic data and Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions (PSWF) to help extract such features from the seismic data.


Complete 3-D feature volumes, of identical dimensionality as the original 3-D seismic volume. Based on a priori information, the very few 3-D feature volumes in which the hydrocarbon reservoirs are mapped, are marked separately and provided for 3-D seismic interpretation and visualization.

Printable Documentation

Results of Safe on a producing oil field

Spectra of the first 6 features of the dataset below

SAFE over a GOM producing oil field