InverSeis - Full Waveform Elastic Inversion

With InverSeis you’ll have a clear idea where your prospects lie.

InverSeis can:

  • Work directly on non-NMO-corrected gathers
  • Handle primaries and multiples
  • Offer a complete elastic solution including Vp, Vs and density
  • Provide robust separation of lithology and fluid

Wave equation based seismic inversion is a new technology employing robust wave equation modeling and hybrid optimization techniques for the inversion of prestack  migrated data. Standard seismic inversion techniques employ convolutional models and use full stack or angle stack methods. InverSeis employs wave equation modeling and works directly on prestack migrated data which have the NMO removed, thus honoring the physics of the problem. In addition, InverSeis can work with only primaries or with primaries and multiples.  The computed elastic parameters from prestack migrated gather inversion are P-wave velocity, S-wave velocity and density. For each computed elastic parameter a pdf or simply minimum and maximum values are also computed. The use of the inverted elastic parameters provides a robust and new way for lithology/fluid discrimination, porosity estimation and net to gross estimation.

  • Prestack migrated gather elastic inversion
  • Porosity estimation
  • Net to gross estimation
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Elastic parameters produced by InverSeis from real customer data.