GAWave - Proven Forward Modeling

GAWave’s industry-leading accuracy and efficiency ensure that you’ll get the clear results you need.

 Capabilities and applications include:

  • Large model capacity
  • Wide bandwidth with full accuracy
  • Real-world surface topography from any digital terrain model
  • Imaging

GeoEnergy’s team of scientists and engineers has been at the forefront of recent developments in the field of Prolate Spheroidal Wavefunctions (PSWF).

GAWave’s patent-pending core algorithms utilize PSWF to accurately and efficiently represent bandlimited data such as seismic wavefields.   The unique properties of the PSWF representation allow GAWave to solve the variable-density forward modeling problem using a low spatial sampling rate, while maintaining full accuracy across the bandwidth of interest with no numerical dispersion.  These features are especially important when modeling propagation through complex structures and/or at very deep depths.

  • Illumination studies.
  • Imaging for survey planning.
  • Time-lapse studies.
  • Synthetic gathers delivered in SEG-Y format.
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Variable-density acoustic wave propagation with mountainous topography.

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