Established 1998 - Celebrating 21 years of operations


Get the Clear Picture with GeoEnergy.

Since 1998, GeoEnergy has brought its broad range of expertise in mathematics and geosciences to bear on the toughest problems in seismic data processing.

We do every job, big or small, with personalized and careful attention to detail.

From design of data acquisition surveys all the way to reservoir characterization, we combine conventional processing workflows with our distinctive algorithms to provide clear results when and where you need them most.

Our services include:

  • modeling and survey planning
  • complete time and depth processing
  • petrophysical characterization
  • prestack waveform inversion
  • lithology/fluid separation

With InverSeis you´ll have a clear idea where your prospects lie.

InverSeis can:

  • Work directly on non-NMO-correct gathers
  • Handle primaries and multiples
  • Offer a complete elastic solution including Vp, Vs and density
  • Provide robust separation of lithology and fluid

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nDenoise preserves your data while adaptively removing noise, leaving the clear signal you need for interpretation and further processing.

Working from pre-stack, post-stack and even 4D data, nDenoise can effectively attenuate a wide variety of noises, including:

  • Multiples
  • Swell noise, ground roll, shot-generated noise
  • Migration and other processing artifacts

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GAWave´s industry-leading accuracy and efficiency ensure that you´ll get the clear results you need.

Capabilities and applications include:

  • Large model capacity
  • Wide bandwidth with full accuracy
  • Real-world surface topography from any digital terrain model
  • Imaging

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SpecB sophisticated algorithms broaden the spectrum of your seismic data while leaving amplitudes intact, giving you a clear advantage in interpretation.

SpecB can:

  • Reveal small-scale faults
  • Provide high-resolution data consistent with well log synthetics
  • Improve resolution of acoustic impedance inversion

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